Wednesday, March 14, 2007

California: Hot and Sunny

This trip has been great so far. Bear with me, I forgot to bring the thing-a-ma-jigee that hooks my camera up to the computer, so those will be published Monday.

Saturday night I was fortunate enough to have dinner in San Jose with some VIP peoples.

Colm Meaney, that guy from Layer Cake and Star Trek, was on hand to receive the Spirit of Ireland Award from the SJ city council. The Mayor of Dublin (Ireland), his wife and the Mayor of San Jose were also present.

Dublin and San Jose are "sister" cities. They both share a love for innovation and are bastions for intellectual curiosity.

During dinner we were awarded with displays of Chinese Dragon Dances, Irish Folk Dancing and a brief video highlighting the Heineken Cup - the greatest award in European Rugby, which was won by the Irish recently.

Tuesday, I had a great visit over at Zazzle in Redwood City. For those unfamiliar with their products, they take photographs, art works and anything else that can be printed and personalized onto tshirts, coffee mugs, hats, you get the idea.

They moved into their new digs only 2 weeks ago and their top floor space is cavernous. Dreamworks SKG is located next door. Apparently they are busy making Shrek 3.

More to come...

Kristian Hansen