Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Last night I had the pleasure of listening and meeting Tom Scott, CEO of PlumTV and running into old buddy, Juan Piecsanski, producer of PlumTV's program "Juan's Basement".

As a member of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce I have been fortunate enough to attend many interesting events. Last year it was a Royal Gala with the King of Sweden and last night was no exception.

Tom, Founder of Nantucket Nectar's, presents the case that PlumTV is every advertiser's dream and every viewer's favorite entertainment source. Despite TiVo, DVR's and an overall lackluster past couple of years for advertisements on television, PlumTV in its short existence has been able to turn the tables (and has startling statistics to prove it).

Its not all about the rich, the famous and the powerful. True these people do exist within the demographic's of the choice markets that PlumTV caters to (Telluride, the Hamptons, Aspen, Miami, etc) but the real value for consumers is the down-to-earth take that Plum has mastered on local issues. Where's the best place to buy watermelons? Who is that guy at the local coffee shop in downtown Aspen? What's the deal with the fisherman I see at Starbuck's out in the Hampton's?

These seemingly trivial pieces of information are what make Plum great. Its about understanding the places that you live in, not about big stars, hit tv shows and big advertisers.

Plum doesn't even allow advertisers to advertiser their own content. Instead, Plum works with American Express and others to create localized content specific to each niche market.

Some $20M in venture capital has been pumped into this start-up (2004) by notables including Jimmy Buffett and Robert Kraft (owner of New England Patriots). The hope will be to expand into and acquire more market share around the United States, to mix the local with the national.

Juan's show is all about hosting local, upcoming bands in his basement and shooting it for the Plum network. Pretty cool stuff for a 24 year old.

Nine months ago I heard through a friend that he was producing a show about local music in his basement. Apparently it was for local access. Little did I suspect that I would be seeing him at the PlumTV event. A pleasant suprise indeed.

Next stop should include Napa or Sonoma and for that I can't wait.