Monday, February 19, 2007

Long Weekend of Drinking, Lacrosse, Panty Party and Odessa Cafe

It has been yet another epic weekend, perhaps thats because its President's Day/Weekend. Oh I feel so darn patriotic, red, white and blue, go Bush!

On another note, We must be grateful for yet another Chinese New Year (George Washington would be proud). Year of the pig.

Right, so nothing comes to mind when I am thinking of this past weekend. I attended the NY Titan's Lacrosse game at Madison Square Garden. They fought (literally) against the Minnesota Swarm. There was a moment when some fisticuffs took place and the Titans lost (weep). But the beer was cold (sigh). I"ll stop with the emotions.

Later that night I hit up the Rated X Party at Luke and Leroy's. From what I recall, and this is when things get a little hazy, it was an excellent event. The hot body contest went without a hitch and think there were about 10 naked people that entered. A woman won the crowd over with her assets and was duly awarded $100 cash (not sure if the IRS follows this sort of thing, but maybe they should).

Sunday nights at the Odessa Cafe is where its at. I highly recommend the drink specials (lemondrops) and even more so the bartender, "Mr. Ziggy" he's an upstanding Kiwi and is more than willing to play music off your ipod on the cafe's state of the art soundsystem. You too can be a dj for an evening.


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